Thursday, 25 May 2017

Turkey noodles

We made these super easy and delicious noodles and want to share the recipe with you all :)

Turkey meat diced 500gr
1 tbsp sugar
Broccoli - 1 medium, cut in small pieces
1 small diced onion
1/2 capsicum / bell pepper
Noodles - 1-2 packs, depending on how much you'd like to make
Soya sauce
Fish sauce

Fresh cucumber for serving


1. Heat up a pan with some oil and cook the turkey until golden and cooked through (not over cooked as turkey can get dry and chewy), add the sugar and caramelize.
2. Meanwhile start boiling water and cook your noodles until al-dente ;)
3. Add the broccoli, soya sauce and fish sauce to taste to the turkey and in the end add the noodles, stir and serve.
4. To decorate and serve, I spiralled some cucumber but if you don't have a spiralizer just cut them thinly Julienne style. Top the noodles with them and enjoy!

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