Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dyeing fabric with food items!

Obviously this post isn't about edible food.
F and I have wanted to dye our sofa bed's cover. We bought it on Gumtree and the owners had bought the cover in white!!
So, after a while, we gave up with the bleaching since the heavy stains weren't coming off and one day we decided to give home-dyes from the pantry a try.

Basically we just mixed spices that were red/yellow and that didn't have chilli -we thought that wouldn't be the greatest idea!
Here is what we did (please keep in mind we had a LOT of fabric and the amount of spices you will need will depend on the amount of fabric and the amount of color you want on it):

What we used:
LOTS (about 300gr) of bright spices (we used turmeric and mild paprika)
Half a kilo of salt
The fabric
Washing machine

1. Pre-wash the fabric to remove dirt and light stains
2. Mix all spices in a bowl
3. Once the fabric has been washed, take it out of the machine, place the spices and salt in the machine (not the soap dispenser)
4. Put the fabric in and wash on 40º gentle cycle
5. After the cycle has finished, wash again on normal cycle at 40º.
6. Take the fabric and put out to dry.
7. To wash the machine just run a cycle on an empty machine to get rid of all possible dyes.

NOTE that our fabric wasn't all that bright at the end and some spots were darker than others. We assume this happened because there was so much fabric and didn't wash evenly.
We also ran the last cleaning cycle with a sock inside and it came out clean! :)


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